About the Team


The crime scene team event is the new project of OKS Online Krimi Spiel GmbH from Wiesbaden. We bring innovative live thrillers to you. We are not an agency or a representative, but a team of passionate theater makers, actors, directors and film fans. Furthermore, we now share our enthusiasm with a team of around 60 actors – and bring the crime scene team event to you as an interactive theater experience.

About the crime team event


Über Uns Krimi teamevent
Über Uns Krimi teamevent

Crime scene team events are our passion, born in the confusion of the pandemic in 2020. It all started with the improvisation theatre “Für Garderobe keine Haftung”, which at that time already had 15 years of experience with murder mystery dinners. The ensemble set the course and invented the first online detective game: “Save the Queen of Wines!” – an interactive manhunt via zoom conference.

The team was thrilled – because what sounded like a restriction turned out to be the starting signal for a new interpretation of murder mystery dinners. Live, interactive and innovative. It all happened really quickly then: our online detective game were different and such a creative novelty that “FRANCKH KOSMOS Verlag” offered us a license for “The three investigators” and we developed the case “The Three Investigators and the silent Stars” – followed by “Hegenbach’s Heritage” and “When the Mic drops”, two quite different productions which we now offer as an online detective game and as a crime scene team event.

The Team behind Crime Team events

Our extraordinary team develops all cases, produces all concepts, performs all crime scene team events and online detective games. So we are not an agency – we are the operator. We are dedicated to make sure you have the best experience – and our minds are already bursting with ideas for your event. To provide you with an all-round successful crime experience, our team is made up of various experts. From case development to project management, we are set up perfectly to turn your event into a unique team event. Click here to contact us!

Marc Auel

CEO & Founder

Frederik Malsy

CEO & Founder

Michelle Ferreira

Sales & Customer Management

Martin Schupp

Case developer & Founder

Silke Siegel

Concept & Casting, Founder

Nicolai Lennartz

Sales & Founder

Silvia Drobny

Office Manager

NicK Leusel

Case developer

Constan­ze Keller

Case developer

Wencke Matthai

Case developer

Wolfgang Zarnack

Case developer

Would you like to find out more about our team or book our crime scene team event? We look forward to hearing from you.