Choose Your Team Mission

An abduction in the vineyard? A murder in a mansion? Our actors and game masters bring along your manhunt experience to your event. Find the case that fits best! Still undecided? We are happy to assist.

Ihre Mission Krimi Teamevent
Ihre Mission Krimi Teamevent

Can you solve the case?

Choose your team mission from one of four current productions. No matter which one you choose: you will meet the witnesses and interrogate the suspects. Only as a team, you can accomplish the interactive manhunt successfully. All our crime scene cases have been designed as a team event and can be booked as an in person or online event.

Save the Queen of wines

You are looking forward to meeting the admired Queen of Wines Juliette Glockner. However, Juliette will not be there – she has been abducted. Love, revenge, greed – what is the kidnappers motive? Who is lying and…. where is the Queen of Wines being hidden? Interrogate the suspects, find the guilty perpetrator and save the Queen of Wines before the ultimatum expires!

Hegenbach's Heritage

Friedrich von Hegenbach was a powerful man: family patriarch and ruler of the family’s business empire. When he is found dead at his desk during the annual family week, there is great fuss and commotion – and not everyone seems to be grieving. Was this a natural death – or did someone have a hand in it? And who will be in charge of the empire now?

When the Mic drops

Murder in pop-music-paradise: there is a corpse in the recording studio. So much for the ideal world of folk and pop! But who was the young woman – and how did she die? Questions arise – and not everyone wants to contribute to the investigation! So you take over and become “SOKO Schlager.” Don’t be deceived and solve the case.

The Three Investigators and the silent Stars

Get the unique opportunity to investigate with the three detectives from Rocky Beach: Some rare silent films are to be shown at a film festival in Hollywood. In the morning of opening day, it turns out that some film reels have been stolen! Justus, Peter, and Bob, who are working at the film festival during their vacation, take on the case – but they need your help! Not only fans of the popular “Die drei ???” will the their money’s worth with this carefully devised, detailed production.

You have gotten a good idea of your crime scene team event and want more info? We are happy to discuss the details of planning and procedure with you.