Planning and process

Find out how to plan and run a perfect crime scene team event. Experience a unique team event with your group and benefit from our planning experience from over 500 team events!

Planning and process
Planung und Ablauf Krimi Teamevent

Planning team events in presence - or virtually

LIVE again – finally! Our crime scene team events are unforgettable experiences on site; at selected locations with distinctive atmosphere. For groups that cannot meet, we offer an interactive team experience: the online detective game!

A CRIME SCENE EXPERIENCE - perfect for larger groups

Our crime scene team events are designed for groups of 30 to 300 people. The participants have an interactive experience – our cases can only be solved by working together. Intensive team building with an impact!


Crime scene team event comes to you – not matter where you are. Our Team of experienced actors and game masters bring along your man-hunt-experience: Your conference hotel turns into a crime scene, your office transforms into detective headquarters. We further have a dense network of excellent event locations throughout Germany. And if your team is scattered across several locations – fine with us: we offer our online detective games in a hybrid or entirely virtual setting as well. Your home office turns into police headquarter.


Go on a manhunt together and interrogate the witnesses! Examine clues and evaluate the evidence on our interactive game portal! All this awaits the participants at our crime team events, in German, in English – or both at the same time. Is your team scattered over several locations or time zones? Doesn’t everyone on the team speak German (or English)? No problem! The procedures of the crime team event allow us to provide a shared, high-quality team experience across multiple locations and languages that will delight everyone. Our excellent actors and game masters deliver the productions fluently; our interactive content is available in German and English.


Investigating makes you hungry! And thirsty! Our team events are crime dinner compatible. Nevertheless, you can book the pure detective-game experience. The duration of the game ranges from 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the production, team size and location.

At “Krimi Teamevents” we have gained experience with over 500 accomplished team events. Our innovative concept has won multiple awards and receives top ratings from corporate clients and partners. 

Any questions? We are happy to help! Whether you are looking to book for your team, are running an event location yourself, or have a special event for your client coming up: we are happy to assist with creating an unforgettable crime scene experience.

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